Reposado (Triple Distilled)

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Satryna reposado Tequila is handcrafted with Tequilana Weber Agave sourced from the finest fields in the highlands of Arandas.

The agave is only harvested after 8 long years and then cooked in traditional ovens and fermented using special proprietary yeast. This reposado
is distilled in small batches in tiny stainless steel pots for ultimate smoothness whilst retaining the true character of sweet agave. It is then aged for 9 months in ex jack Daniel bourbon barrels resulting in a tequila which is complex and refined.


  • Colour: Light Amber
  • Ageing: 10 months in American Oak.
  • Nose: Alluring aromas of butterscotch with a touch of spice.
  • Taste: Soft caramelized oak with hints of dark chocolate with layers of spice.
  • Finish: Sweet silky finish with abundance of creamy vanilla.